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Hey Masterclass graduates!

APRYL REDBIRD is officially Joel Bauer endorsed and approved to create presentations that could potentially  make you substantial amounts of money.

Yes, Create My Pesentation!

Officially Joel Bauer Approved!

Apryl is one of a select few who is endorsed to create presentations using Joel Bauer's exclusive and proprietary Money Matrix System. The Money Matrix has made many people substantial amounts of money, and so can you, potentially. 

Yes, Create My Pesentation!

Here's Everything You're Getting

joel bauer approved
  • 50 custom Joel Bauer endorsed & approved stylized PowerPoint slides (valued at $500,000)

  • All done for you slide deck, you must provide me with your assets (value $500 per hour)

  • 1-4 minute testimonial sizzle reel option available (value $497) 

  • Sides will work on both Mac/PC for webinars or live presentations

  • Creating your basic branding and logo option available (valued at $597)

  • Total Value is $501,594

    You Will Pay Only A Small Fraction Of What Other's Charge For What You're Getting

    What if money was not the concern?

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    Is Now The Right Time?

    NOTE: “The Full Build Out” is created in PowerPoint, minimum requirements for Mac and PC include a current subscription to Microsoft 365 and Windows 10. Or any program such as "Open Office" that can open a PowerPoint file. 

    “The Full Build Out” does not include creating a sizzle reel and logo design, you are responsible for submitting all assets required for the project, including power pose pictures, testimonials, specific wording for each slide and guarantee. One free revision, each additional revision will be an additional $55 per slide. I do not offer tech support or web design. 

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    Satisfaction 100%

    No money back guarantee, this is a service I am providing that requires a heavy time commitment.

    The Price Will Soon Increase To $9497










    janet large

    Janet Large

    “I was provided an opportunity to share my webinar presentation on Speakers JB Trained. I put hours into my power point and was proud of it. I thought I had followed all the protocols. Then Apryl said she would love to give me some help. I knew Apryl was a stand-up gal because I had seen her in many Joel Bauer's groups and trusted her, even though I had never seen her work. She transformed my hard work into something so wonderful, so spectacular that I don't even have the words to express it. I was stuck on the information I wanted people to know. Apryl's intent is to capture their attention and hold it long enough, so they get the information. If you are doing webinars, and do not want your audience to turn their camera for something more interesting, then hire Apryl. She can capitalize on your expertise and make you shine. Her work is amazing… rather, unbelievable. Every slide she transformed had me as excited as a kid at Disney World. I was truly gleeful …perhaps for the first time during the long covid crisis.”

    duane lehr

    Duane Lehr

    “Apryl Redbird is a "Best In Class" branding and PowerPoint production solutionist. She has the incredible ability to help you market, position and differentiate your business beyond what you would ever expect. Whether she is creating your PowerPoint webinar presentations, logos, Facebook banners or other forms of social media, Apryl is very efficient and gets the job done well ahead of schedule. She makes everything look and feel absolutely amazing! She has created many things for me, and she can most certainly do this for you with ease. Apryl will completely take care of you!”

    judy hunt

    Judy Hunt

    “Apryl took me from 2/3 complete with JB Money matrix slide deck to full animated magic. I couldn’t wait to try it out on my 1st client the very next morning and just like that had my 1st high ticket sale. My client said, “You had me at the money back guaranteed.” Presenting with Apryl’s magical slide makes it fun and easy to close. From stuck 2 unstoppable, Thank you Joel Bauer and Apryl Redbird”

    Your Questions Answered

    What If I don’t have any experience?

    That's why I'm here! I will do all the work and build your slides for you, all I ask is that you provide the assets. I will provide you an easy to follow checklist.

    What do I need to get started with you?

    I will be sending you a questionnaire and checklist that breaks down all that I require for “The Full Build Out”

    How much time do I need to commit?

    I will create your custom 50 slide PowerPoint presentation as a collaboration with your input over the course of 2-3 weeks. 

    When can I expect to see results?

    Once you have your completed presentation it is up to you to present in front of your audience. Bring your energy and remember your training, results will follow. 

    Do you have any guarantees?

    I am not offering a money back guarantee currently, this is a service I am providing that requires a heavy time commitment on my part.

    Why should I invest in you?

    I can save you from the frustration, thousands of dollars, and endless hours you would have spent doing it yourself. 

    apryl redbird

    Why Apryl Redbird

    Apryl Redbird, co-founder and creator of Apricott Productions, Never stopped pretending. She began with best friend Scott Borden while in elementary school. Apryl studied television and video production after high school and produced her first Apricott stage production at the Hudson Theatre in 2002 while she was in her early 20s. This mother of 1 has lived an extraordinary life from being Mickey Mouse at Disneyland to producing shows in Los Angeles on some of the hottest stages in Hollywood with some of the hottest actors in the industry.

    She has authored and collaborated on several books since the pandemic started in 2020. Apryl has worked with a variety of professionals including speakers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, mortgage and real estate professionals, infotainers, magicians, musicians, marketers, actors, dancers, photographers, artists, health care professionals and small business owners. When Apryl is not producing shows on a virtual stage or theatre in Los Angeles, she enjoys painting and spending time with her family and volunteering in her community.

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